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So, last night, or I do suppose it would have been this morning, because I woke up at about 8:30 am and went back to sleep until 12:30 pm, I had a dream where I was being chased down by some guy with a gun, which turned out to be a really high powered nail gun. Anyway, at some point he started shooting at me as I ran, and I ended up with multiple nails in my calves. When I finally got to s safe point, I just started pulling out the nails like it was nothing. There was some conversations going on, as there were other people, but I don't remember what was talked about.

And that's about all I have to say. Hello! Back to my random Johnny's watching~


Are you a sad, sad toaster made of glass?

Ad started talking over my headphone sounds. For shame ad, for shame.

I'm really tempted to change my ring tones. After thinking about it, maybe both of them? Ah~ What to change it to? I've debated going the route of certain soundtracks (Yatterman, Hold Up Down, SP, Maou, Bloody Monday), random television stuffs (The Mighty Boosh, Animaniacs), or video games (Mario, Pokémon). What to do? What to do? Any suggestions?
Koyashige are flawless.

That is all.

On a related note, does anyone have a link to translations of Shige's stuff?

Hello again~

Now that ninoexchange reveals are up, I'm just linking to the fic I wrote.

Title The Artistry of Thievery by Team Ariake
Fandom Arashi, J&A
Rating PG
Pairing/Characters Ninomiya Kazunari/Matsumoto Jun, with mentions of Ninomiya Kazunari/Sasaki Nozomi, Inohara Yoshihiko/Seto Asaka, Sakamoto Masayuki/Okada Junichi, Ohno Satoshi/Sakurai Sho. There are also a lot of random appearances. :Db
Warnings AU, I added in almost every single Johnny’s group, and even if they’re not mentioned, they are totally there..
Summary Nino’s the leader of a small team of master thieves. This is what ends up happening when he gets asked to steal something back for the local museum that Sho works at.
Notes Written for gomushroom for the ninoexchange. Beta-ed by ltgmars, who is amazing and listened to my randomness while I was writing this really well, so much love to her. I was really late with this one, finishing in the middle of posting week, and writing epic Nino/Okada (ahaha, epic... No.) in the middle of it (link to someone else's tumblr because of the R2D2 gif).

The Artistry of Thievery by Team Ariake (Also known as, Ashley sucks at making titles.)
Going through the dramas I've watched and picking out all the mystery ones~ Anyway, mostly pondering them. On that note, I just finished Kagi no Kakatta Heya, and yes, I'm a biased Ohno fan in many ways, but damn. So many other favourite people in this! I mean, I didn't just watch this for Ohno. Erika too. There was also appearances by a certain Sakamoto and Tamaki Hiroshi! Woo! Okay, so I got a fair bit of enjoyment from the guests. I don't have the patience to wait for stormy_team, so I'm glad someone decided to release soft subs. I prefer soft subs anyway. There is also the fact it's Ohno, and Ohno is pretty much going to get me to watch something no matter what it is. This is by far one of the best mystery of the week shows I've seen in a while though. I also rather enjoyed the music, the quick cuts, and how each episode had an individualized opening credits.

I do want to say this though, Tamaki, just no on that hair. :l

Ugh, I want to revamp my watched dramas list. It'll take so long though! D: I'm too lazy for this! (Maybe tomorrow night.)
Just a warning, but I plan on doing a small-ish Whedon watch, because I'm cool like that, starting around the first day of summer. Basically I plan on trying to find certain things in Winnipeg when I go there next, as we have no proper channels for buying movies here, which is awful. Terrible, terrible way to live. I want a proper movie store. Ah well~ Basically it just means I'll be watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel (haven't watched this, but I hear there's an episode where Angel turns into a muppet or something), Firefly/Serenity, Dollhouse (I saw a bit of this, but I never got a chance to finish), and Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog (I must get my mitts on this one soon), as well as anything else I can find! (Like Toy Story... Oh god, I still haven't seen the last one.) :Db

Yep, random post. Yup, yup. My Whedon tag is insufficient.

This is clearly and excuse to just watch a whole bunch of shows I love. :Db

Edit Or, you know, I'll start tonight with Buffy... AND ALL THE COMMENTARY! :D :D :D Seriously though, seven seasons may take a while, and when I get to where Buffy and Angel were on air at the same time, I'm watching them in rotation.

Apparently Clark Gregg is in Much Ado About Nothing, and I just found out Alexis Denisof is in The Avengers. Not paying attention to the credits all three times I watched for the win!

I demand a musical!

And so, on Tuesday morning (May 22rd), I was awakened by the shout of my name. At about 7:15 in the morning. I thought it was potentially my mother, because she was the only other person home aside from me, and it couldn't possibly have been the dog. That's just silly, dogs can't talk human speech (right?). The last time this happened was on Hallowe'en last year, where I thought it was my sister, though that time I didn't yell back "yes" and "did you call me?" My mom thought I was crazy, which isn't a bad assessment. I really don't know. I was having a dream where I was drinking some scotch (I don't even drink, but apparently dream me does). Each time, the other person in the house has claimed it wasn't them. I guess we'll never know, but it is highly likely that it was my own head.

I have a current desire to do art, but no drive. The same with writing. Emotions.


So, yes, I'm putting off writing something I really should be writing... I know, but whatever~ And yes, I have made an Avengers post before, and I simply don't care~ I'm also wasting time reading Avengers fic and falling asleep in weird ways, so whatever~

I've seen this movie three times now (twice in 3D and once in regular format, and my gosh, if I had an imax near here, I totally would have been there), which is the most I've ever gone to a theatre to see a movie before (seriously, nothing has ever piqued my interest this much before). As was said to me last night, "It's like your Titanic." This is clearly a very apt description. Speaker, you are a genius~

More rambling, because I can. Spoilers, I suppose.Collapse )

During my third viewing, somehow the 3D was thrown out of line in the previews, which was kind of a bother, but I went and told them something was up, so it was fixed rather quickly. I enjoy movie previews though, so I was glad I'd already seen them by then. The midnight showing was by far my favourite viewing I went to though, if only for the atmosphere it held. Such a wonderful atmosphere.


So, I've forever had a love/hate relationships with comic books. Too expensive in my opinion (I am cheap), but something I've always been curious about (okay, so when I get my mitts on them, well, I get careful and in love), and thus it has taken form into loving all the comic movies! Except The Dark Knight, that shit was boring. I know that there is a division in the world of movie loving on The Dark Knight, but I still can't seem to see what is so great about it. It was decent in my opinion.

Anyway~ Yesterday, for the midnight viewing of The Avengers, I dragged off two co-workers (one I had gone to War Horse with (two Hiddleston movies) and the other I forgot had a really loud laugh...), one friend of a co-worker (and fellow Firefly fan), and my sister (who was clearly getting tired during the movie and thus I believe only normal viewing times for her from now on, but then again, it's a shock she even came, and I don't know if it is exactly her cup of tea, but now she wants to try and go again, so...). I do wish the others had done their research before the movie though. If you want a synopsis, look it up yourself. I stayed as far away from that kind of stuff as I could.

I will also note I do not understand and have quite the dislike for the phrase "the only person I could ever imagine in this role", especially when they're the only one who has played it! Just, who else would you imagine anyway? Now, if you can compare and contrast, that's an entirely different story, which brings me to this point, I have yet to see The Incredible Hulk, so I cannot compare and contrast, where as, if we're talking about Batman, I'd tell you right away my favourite movie Batman is Michael Keaton, but I love Batman Forever for Robin.


As this was my first midnight viewing ever, I must say, I rather enjoyed myself, being in a cheering crowd, and it was just an amazing atmosphere. I may have to make a habit of this. Definitely my most favourite atmosphere ever, though I do wonder if I'll drag people along again. I've never been this excited for a movie before, so I jumped on the chance of seeing the first viewing possible in town.


I hate that...

I have a highly functional guilt response. I wish I could give no fucks, but that's not going to happen. Especially when I don't really have anything to feel guilty about, I still do. I have a bad habit of blaming myself and being paranoid that I'm doing something wrong. All. The. Fucking. Time. I still accept this is a part of me, but it's a part of me that I hate so very much.

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