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Stupid Johnny's ranking. Ugh.

I blame bunny_d_kate. Whatever, whatever, anyway, this is a program thing for this, yes. Here's my horribly muddled list.

I'm lazy.Collapse )

Yeah, so I did the most updated list I could find, and what you're seeing is correct. We have a two way tie for second, a three way tie for fourth, a two way tie for seventh, a two way tie for ninth, a four way tie for eleventh, and a fuck ton of ties after that...
Oh wow, how quickly this year feels like it is going. I suppose that's how life is supposed to be though, yes? It gets faster as you get older~ Nothing much can be done, but as of next week, field school will begin, and I am so fucking excited. Oh, yes. I'll be around for the first week, but after that, I'm not sure. Either way, six weeks off of work, and I'm the only one who can consistently work as much as I do in my department at the store. I also know more than I should, but yeah.

Pausing to make a new LJ userpic.

So, like, has anyone on here actually listened to Robert Downey Jr.'s album? This shit is fucking fantastic, and I listen to it, like, once a year, but damn, it's my jam for sure.

So, like, can Neil Gaiman write all the Doctor Who? I really liked the last episode.

On the topic of writing, there are things I should be doing... Yes... Perhaps I'll get to them some day~

So, can we talk about Iron Man 3?

Because I want to talk about Iron Man 3. I want to talk about Iron Man 3 so fucking much right now. A cut, because I don't know what all I'm going to say, so potential spoilers?Collapse )

And that's about it. Folks who haven't yet watched it, watch it. It's worth it. Also, this soundtrack. The piece for the ~fun credits~ (Can You Dig It (Click it, you know you want to.)) was seriously, it was so great and fitting, and I really loved the title credits (why, yes, I was aware they were called that, but ~fun credits~ is more fun to say). *-* The humour is also seriously on point.

On another note, this was my first outing to a movie by myself, ever, and it was so great. I might actually just go by myself more often. Fuck going with other people. I can totally deal and I rather liked it, since I could do my own processing on the way home (which was full of squeaks and squeals, and I just, yes).
Reply to this meme by yelling "Words!" and I will give you five words that remind me of you. Then post them in your LJ and explain what they mean to you.

From bunny_d_kate

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the V6 exchange

And a post to announce that sign-ups for the V6 exchange are now open. Come, join in on the ficcing!

the V6 exchange


My top ten V6 songs. Part 2.

And, the rest goes here. More categories, basically~

My top ten TonisenCollapse )

My top ten KamisenCollapse )

Special SectionCollapse )

I'll get to a top ten special unit post, eventually... I NEED TO MAKE THIS LESS HUGE!

My top ten V6 songs.

Because my associates in the A faction (The Great Triple A) did it, I decided I should accompany them.

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The rest of my top V6 tens will have to come at a later date. :Db


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